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Bail Bonds Professionals

Point person is Jason Meyerson
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Jason Meyerson @ Bail Bond Professionals is a Southern California native and attended high school and college in Los Angeles. Jason has been a licensed bail agent since 1999 and was mentored into the business by his close friend and associate, Chris Kiperman, currently operating in the Los Angeles office.
Jason developed his business through hard work and a dedication to providing every client and their Defense counsel with exceptional service that is recognized, respected and refreshing in an industry that often lacks professionalism.

He has been a strong, passionate advocate for the bail industry as the current Vice President of the Orange County Bail Agents Association (OCBAA). He travels often to Sacramento to fight for the rights of individuals to have reasonable bail set and pushing back against those that would like to see the system eliminated.

Jason has three adult children (one graduated in 2023, two currently in college) and has been married to his wife Natalie for 29 years. "I absolutely love the work I do! I have been able to spend the past 25 years forming great relationships with attorneys and helping their clients work through an incredibly stressful moment in their lives. It's very rewarding that way! It is especially rewarding when I solve complex problems for people or underwrite large bonds that requires experience and in-depth knowledge to successfully execute them. My goal has always been to add value to those I work with and exceed their expectations. I feel I've done that for 25 years and I don't see myself slowing down."

Nancy Clark and Associates

Point person is Winter McDaniel

The Most Program

Point person is Suzzette Casillas

Breathe Easy

Point person is Kris Beauliau

Kristopher Beaulieu is a great asset to Breathe Easy Insurance. Jarrett and Krishave been partners since 2010.
He helps with team building, training, accountability, and execution
Breathe easy does the entire DUI license reinstatement journey. They file the Sr22, Install the IID, DUI assessments and assist with the DUI Program Enrollment.

Kris grew up on the New Hampshire/Massachusetts border in a small town with his mother and brother. He has a beautiful little daughter Isabella and a step-son Link. Loves spending time with his fiancé, Victoria. He enjoys staying active and healthy. He loves to be outdoors and be with friends and family. He enjoys going for long walks with his dog Karl. He played football and lacrosse through high school and was an art major in college.

Joey Hernandez Insurance Solutions

Point person is Joey Hernandez

Goodman Bail Bonds

Point person is Steven

Goodman Bail Bonds is a father and son business dedicated to providing honest, helpful, and consistent service for families in need of bail. Goodman Bail Bonds is licensed and bonded in the State of California and can provide service throughout California.
They are here to help!

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