R. Allen Baylis, Esq.

A graduate of Western State University College of Law, with 20 years of practice, Allen Baylis has been at the forefront of California traffic defense law for over a decade. Over the course of his legal career within the traffic field, Allen has had several published opinions, facilitated the removal of many cities' photo-enforced citation systems, and won many appeals. As an experienced trial attorney, he has an in-depth knowledge of many of the courts and judges throughout Southern California's traffic courts. Recently, Allen received admittance to The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

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Allen is a founding member of The California Traffic Defense Bar Association, and has served on the board of directors for both The Newport Harbor Bar Association and The West Orange County Bar Association, where he served a term as President. For many of his efforts within the traffic defense field, he has been a guest speaker on several radio and TV shows, news programs, and articles; including KFI's John and Ken, KOCI, PBS, KABC, and KCBS. Allen helped grow the traffic defense field in California through speaking at annual seminars for attorneys' required continueing legal education program.

Before becoming an attorney, Allen worked as a quality control inspector and mechanic with Western Airlines and Delta Air Lines for 30 years. Always an aircraft enthusiast, he attended courses and earned a certificate in aviation safety from USC's school of engineering. In addition to his love for aircraft, Allen has a long lived passion for classic cars. In his free time he enjoys creating award winning home brewed beers.